Painting of Helen Kiddall by Beatrice Ethel Lithiby

Beatrice Ethel Lithiby, Portrait of Helen Kiddall, 19x16cm, 1961?

Beatrice Ethel Lithiby (1889-1966)

Born in Surrey, Beatrice Ethel Lithiby lived in London and studied at the Royal Academy Schools from 1913 to 1921 where she went on to show at their annual exhibitions. She served in the first world war and as was a ranking army officer during the Second World War and awarded an M.B.E. and O.B.E

She was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and regular exhibitor at the Society of Women Artists, showed in Liverpool and Manchester and had a solo exhibition at the Walker’s Gallery in London. A catalogue of that exhibition can be found at the National Art Library at the V&A.

She became a member of the Ipswich Art Society in 1946.